Is your website effective?

Some things are obvious about what makes an effective website, and some things are hidden. We can do a full evaluation of your website, and your competitors’ websites, to show you how to make changes that will have the most impact:


The site looks attractive and modern.


  • The site is organized well, and it is easy for viewers to find the information they want.
  • The contents are written clearly and are easy to read quickly, but also provide in-depth information.
  • Visitors are drawn in to stay on the site and look at multiple pages.


The site loads quickly. (This is becoming more and more important, for ranking well in search engines, and for performing well on mobile devices).

Search optimized

  • Search engines can easily find the site, and index the content.
  • The site stacks up well against its competition in search rankings.

Mobile friendly

The site works well when it is viewed on the small screens of mobile devices.

Easy to update

You can easily add updated content to the site yourself, without specialized technical knowledge.

Technically correct

The code behind the site is optimized and error-free, and follows industry best practices.


  • People can easily access the contents if they use adaptive devices (for example, for people with limited mobility or limited vision).
  • The site is compliant with Section 508 (Americans with Disabilities Act).


The site uses techniques and platforms that will not become outdated as the web continues to evolve.

Fits in with a larger web strategy

The site coordinates well with whatever social media and other sites you want to use to integrate and promote your site.