Design Reinvented is a web design and development firm located in Washington D.C.

Our goals:

  • We believe in creating websites that deliver great experiences for all your users.
  • We create underlying structures that will make it easy for the site to be maintained and changed as the web evolves.

How we work with you:

We will work closely with you during all stages of the process. In addition to designing and implementing the site, we also offer help in writing and creating your content, organizing it for maximum effectiveness on the web, and helping establish a visual identity for your organization. We will also work with you to develop a complete business strategy on the web, including the use of social media.

Victoria Pickering, the founder of the firm, has extensive experience in web technologies, combined with 25 years experience in systems and product development. With a deep background in business, software, and systems architecture, she understands not only how to make websites that work well in the present, but ones that are also positioned to work well in the future and take advantage of the fast-changing possibilities of the web.